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Cholula Seed Crackers

I am not a food blogger and have no aspiration to be one.  I do, however, love to keep my best creations handy to visit over and over again.  So in this category, you’ll see my most favorite “tried and true” recipes that I make often.  Many times, I’ll see a recipe from one of my favorite food bloggers OR a YouTube food video, OR something that’s trending across facebook and I will frequently ask a friend “did you try it yourself”?  Did you like it? Many times I get the response back “well I haven’t made it yet, but it looks great!”  All of the recipes on my website have been personally tried and tested by me.  Most of the time, if it’s on my website I made it and usually loved it.

Angela’s Cholula Crackers

These are my “Cholula” Spicy 6 Seed Crackers. These Crackers can be made either with your dehydrator or in your oven. I used my Excaliber Dehydrator. Serve them with Guacamole. Soups, Stews. The list is endless. They are just so yummy! There is no flour in them.

INGREDIENTS:  Makes 2 dehydrator sheets of crackers

1 Package Seeds of Change Quinoa and Brown Rice (Purchased at Costco)

1 cup of water
1 cup flax seeds (ground)
Pumpkin Seeds (1/4 cup)
Sunflower Seeds (1/2 cup)
Poppy (1/4 cup)
Sesame (1/4 cup)
Chia Seeds (1/2 cup)
Tahini (1/4 cup)
Cholula (1/4 cup)
4 Tbspns Avocado Oil

Mix water with flax and let sit for 1.5 to 2 hours.  This helps the flax “set up”

After the flax seed has “gelled” add it, along with the package of seeds of change and 1/4 cup of water to high powered blende4r (I use Vitamix) and blend til smooth.  Pour blended mixture into a large blow and add remaining ingredients.  Spread on Dehydrator sheets.  Bake til done.

In this picture, I made half the batter without Cholula and the other half with Cholula “painted on top”.  We loved both types but we REALLY loved the Cholula crackers the best!

Cholula Seed Crackers

Cholula Seed Crackers