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Dark Night of the Soul

Excerpted from – Does God ALWAYS HEAL?  Is he obligated to do so if we ask? Catherine Marshall’s Book “Light in my darkest night” is the story of the intense despair and spiritual emptiness that threatened Catherine Marshall’s spiritual health.  Catherine’s crisis began after God did not heal her infant granddaughter. Sadly the baby’s illness tragically …


Do you ever feel like you are in a desert?

PART I of 4 Today I sent an email to two people I intensely respect.  I opened the email with the same question you see as the title of this post.  I told them very briefly how I’ve been feeling of late and asked if they had any advice or perhaps if they could lead me …


“No woman can call herself free who has not ownership and control over her own body”. – Margaret Sanger – circa 1920s

Do you believe this?  Don’t answer too quickly.  Please read the article below, give it some serious thought and then decide, because the title of this blogpost is none other than Margaret Sanger (the foundress of Planned Parenthood) and it is her quote from many years ago:  Here (below in red) is Sanger’s quote … SANDERS …